Video Formats Around the World

Having your video project in the right format for viewing
is paramount when sending it overseas. You've spent money
producing your video, maybe you've had us translate it into
a number of languages, but if people can't view it on their
players in China, Australia, Brazil or Russia... then your
investment is lost.

We're adapt at making sure things play when and where
they're supposed to and this map is just an example of how
diverse the world is even in the modern age of video. We
can also create your packaging in specific languages for that
special marketing or training program

Translations, video formats, packaging and graphics - they
all go together when creating a project or campaign for your
foreign markets. And don't forget to visit our special
TRANSLATION page for more information and our other
foreign services including seminars for visiting foreign clients
or customers, or even to help your executives and their
families make a move to some distant land.

For production help with your foreign project including
production, translations, graphics, replication or more,
contact our Executive Producer Ron Boat