Production Services/AZ serves many national and international corporations with a variety of production services.

Whether serving large national and international corporate clients or medical groups, PS/A provides a myriad of services. Below are some samples of our graphic illustrations, video productions and production shots from some of our events for major medical groups. Let us know how we can help you in your medical marketing, promotion or training programs.

Be sure to visit our new medical animation sample page: CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE for video samples and CLICK HERE for graphics.

All of our equipment is of broadcast quality. We use high bandwidth satellite trucks and equipment for our webcasts and network and feature film quality techniques for all of our production activities.

Medical Production
Set prep for Naomi Judd broadcast with the panel and audience, This 90 minute show highlighted the field of nursing.

We carry our complete studio with us from cameras, lighting, ENG equipment, draping and all outboard equipment - a virtual traveling studio. Our crews are medically experienced.

Medical Production We are able to satellite out broadcasts for download to our studios in Las Vegas and Los Angeles for output to the web.

Medical Production
Our client prepares for our Salt Lake City broadcast on several new heart operation techniques.
Medical Production This is our Salt Lake City "control room" set up in an area of the hospital. When we travel we carry everything we need.
Medical Production
Our jib camera gets those high angle shots of the surgery field. Here we're broadcasting for DePuy at the Hoag Institute in Irvine, CA
Medical Production Ron is in his usual garb and at his usual position ready to either direct or switch the broadcast. We carry everything with us.
Medical Production
This is our "stage" set up for our Las Vegas broadcast. This featured a panel discussion of Doctors from the area.
Medical Production This is from our project at UCLA Medical Center in San Diego. This featured a tendon resection/repair.
Medical Production
This is our Hollywood sound stage set for a broadcast covering the knee replacement surgery of Jimmy Connors.
Medical Production Taking a break at our UCSD panel discussion. This was a three day broadcast discussing new medical techniques.



Medical Production
Illustrations showing arthritic conditions. This is for an arthritis of the hip.
Medical Production An illustrations showing the shoulder, collar bone, bursa and muscles.
Medical Production
This was done to show the enlargement of the bursa or known as bursitis.
Medical Production Illustration on the cellular level for cancer publication.
Medical Production
Illustration showing the cartilage and meniscus of the knee.
Medical Production PSAVideo.comShowing the anatomy of a healthy cell for cancer information publication.

Medical Production
Close up view of replaced hip and position of prosthesis in bone and acetabulum.

Each of these illustrations was done by hand for clients Johnson & Johnson, HealthSouth and others.

Medical Production
Showing male and female lymph node system which can carry cancer cells.

Whether video, graphics, software or general production, PS/A has been serving
a variety of industries for over 40 years. Visit for more information.

Gastric bypass surgery with Carnie Wilson.

90 minute broadcast on nursing with Naomi Judd.

Fund raising project for Phoenix Memorial Cancer Center.

New product marketing for Primus Pharmaceutical.

Fund raising project for John C. Lincoln.

Be sure to visit our new medical animation sample page: CLICK HERE

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