PS/A is appreciative of the fact that in many industries we have a wide diversity of clients. The medical community is no exception. Over the years it's been our privilege to serve many companies with a variety of production services: Graphics, video, webcasts and marketing.

PS/A since 1971 has been a complete, one stop resource for production. In the field of medical production, that has meant many projects and services for us as a team and for our clients around the country. At times, many of the individual parts come together in one project. Other times, it's a stand alone element that is needed for marketing or training.

We have produced the following:

  • Live webcasts of surgeries for patient education, doctors and interns updates.
  • Live webcasts of medical panel discussions and new surgical and general medical technique information dissemination.
  • Graphics for multiple medicaid health plans marketing to existing & new clients.
  • Graphic design, printing and mailing of Medicaid member materials.
  • Training and video projects for new pharmaceutical products.
  • Training videos for new surgical procedures.
  • Promotional videos for nationwide ambulance services.
  • Web design and hosting for a major medical group's special needs clients.
  • Web design, marketing and fulfillment requirements for medical insurance companies.
  • Fundraising videos for non-profit medical projects and hospital foundations.
  • Software design and development for major companies for orthopedic patent education.
  • Anatomy illustrations for medical groups for software and marketing.
  • Foreign language translations for custom medical software.
  • Cellular illustrations and cover design for Canadian publisher of cancer information book.

Medical Production Samples
Medical Animation Samples

Our Medical Services Include:

Videos for Training
Videos for Marketing
Surgery Webcasts
MediCare Marketing Materials
Mailing Fulfillment
Graphic Design & Printing
Medical Illustrations
Medical Translations