Do you need to expand your market to growing ethnic audiences at home such as Hispanics or Chinese? Or marketing to international audiences to increase your global presence or outreach? Or training of incoming or foreign bound employees and contractors?

Through our translation partners, we transform any print project, multimedia or video with voiceovers, dubbing, subtitles or graphics into 80+ languages.With 20 years' expertise, we have an award team of specialized medical linguists who can manage any healthcare subject ... from dentistry and cardiology to patient care, biotech and surgery in a two-part process. Our translators are the leader in language for the Healthcare Industry --and are the only language agency in all North America to be three-time winners of the independent ValueStar Award for Client Satisfaction.

Translation of the script 

Using a team of at least two professional linguists -- the first to implement it, the second to do a QA review and proofing -- each team member:
  • has about ten years' experience in medical terminology
  • is a native-speaker of the target language 
  • is professionally trained in the art of translation, and
  • is specially selected to deliver rapidly, if needed
The team's translation methods have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years by doing things correctly and avoiding costly mistakes. 

Voice, Dubbing and Subtitling

After translation, them the project managers provides professional voice talents ...
  • in virtually any language or dialect;
  • anywhere in the world — or recording from their home studios; and
  • with multiple samples for you to choose from.
And whether for voices or subtitles, they work with your time coding and other parameters to deliver a project with the highest quality and accuracy.
Samples of project experience and successes in the healthcare industry include…
  • Drug-company promotions
  • Drug-company websites
  • Health Benefit Plans
  • Names of Allergens
  • Medical Studies
  • Information about children’s illnesses
  • Directions for Use (DFU), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Clinical Trial Reports, Medical Research articles and other highly technical terminology
  • Hospital and Insurance reports
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