Production Services/AZ is a collaborative effort of professionals, some of whom have worked together for over 35 years. Each is accomplished in his own area of expertise and contributes to the overall success of our team for our medical clients.

Executive Producer

Ron's duties encompass all aspects of production activities at PS/A. As producer or director, he oversees the organization of all live broadcasts, their design elements, software development as well as the equipment and crew assignments.

Specifically he can be found producing a project, directing a show, switching a broadcast, scheduling crews and resources, writing a script, or interacting with clients to decipher their real bottom line need.

Master Designer

Bruce oversees all aspects of graphic design activities at PS/A. All medical illustrations are done or managed by Bruce. All elements of HIPAA compliant corporate communications related to our medical clients' marketing materials are directed by him. Whether it be campaign materials, web designs, video graphics or specialty items, Bruce's hand has managed the process.

Web Programmer

Sasa handles our web work in dealing with all HTML, PHP, Java scripting, and general programming of web projects. His involvement comes into play after Bruce has designed the website and Tracy Has completed any multimedia elements and Frank has finished photographic needs.

Multimedia Programmer

All responsibilities related to our many multimedia activities for our software development, web Flash or other elements, educational materials, CD programs, and marketing is handled by Tracy.

Back-end Web Programmer

Joe is our resident expert in developing all programming aspect of our web work. His background in managing large web sites for sports groups and the military aids in understanding how to achieve our medical clients' goals.


When photography for any of our medical clients is required, Frank handles the assignment. Whether product, corporate or medical activities, his expertise brings out the best for our clients.

Translation Specialist

Philip has held positions as Director of Medical / Healthcare Research at Market Intelligence Research Co., New Business Development Manager at Springhouse Corporation, Marketing Director at the Bophuthatswana Management Services in southern Africa, and as Associate Editor and Director of Product Management at Auerbach Publisher. He oversees all of our translation services


With our crews and partner groups throughout the US, PS/A has served medical clients in hospitals and clinics in Phoenix and Tucson Arizona, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Las Vegas, NV, Salt Lake City, UT, San Diego, Los Angeles, Burbank, Irvine, La Jolla and Hollywood, CA.

Other production activities have taken our crews from Vancouver, BC to Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica, Africa to Japan, the Antarctic and Fiji.

Our crews, production and satellite equipment are flight ready to go anywhere in the United States or in the world for all your productions or broadcasts.

Whether in a hospital surgical suite, a boardroom, on an oil rig, following federal agents on a drug seizure training exercise, in a nuclear plant or high rise construction site, on a golf course with pros, or the cockpit of an F-16, Ron and his team have performed for a variety of clients in a multitude of situations.

We look forward to working for you on your next medical project.

Medical Production

3D Animation Designer / Programmer

Dan oversees and design our 2D animtion content. His years of experience adds to all our animation activites including our medical services.

Broadcast Crews

Our people are the best when it comes to video, audio, lighting, teleprompter, make up, projection, specialty camera work and general production. We won't work without Steve, John, Perry, Charlie, Darrin, Robert, Bill, James, Dave, Robin, Mary, Ken, Bob, Brad, Rick, Earl, Jesus, Paul, and of course our master engineer gurus... Joel and Ray.

Medical Production

All of our equipment is of broadcast quality. We use dual band, high bandwidth satellite trucks and remote location equipment for our webcasts, as well as network and feature film quality techniques for all of your important medical production activities.

Medical Production Samples
Medical Animation Samples

Our Medical Services Include:

Videos for Training
Videos for Marketing
Surgery Webcasts
MediCare Marketing Materials
Mailing Fulfillment
Graphic Design & Printing
Medical Illustrations
Medical Translations