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Video Production Services can have many meanings. In general it refers to anything related to an individual production item from specialized equipment and crews, to the actual full "script to screen" production work. Below are services we provide our many clients - local, national and international. Many times, 2, 3 or more special services will come into play on one project - and of course we're able to produce all of them. Check our our "Animated Flip-View" of our services and our other new areas of service... we do them just as well.

video production Arizona video crews and special services for our out-of-state video company clients, agencies and news groups.

video production
video production VIDEO PRODUCTION - Location video production since the '70's. One camera or 10, indoors or out.
DRONE VIDEO services
  graphic design marketing GRAPHICS - For marketing, trade shows, or training materials. From truck wraps, newsletters, annual reports to even newspapers. Business cards to billboards. ILLUSTRATIONS
web designs
ANIMATION - Whether 2D or 3D, PS/A can create it... from the view that doesn't exist to showing the working of the human body or a jet engine. WHITEBOARD
  webcasts PSAVideo video production WEBCASTS - The communication tool of the 21st century. For continuing education, training or marketing, broadcasting from your facility or ours.
videos for training Secure Server On Demand Videos
web designs
WEB DESIGN - A necessity in today's business world. It's your 24 hour brochure. We create them with graphics and video to carry your message around the world. HOSTING available.
  medical production medical video webcasts MEDICAL PRODUCTION - From broadcasting live surgeries, creating patient education software for Johnson & Johnson, to the development of marketing materials, PS/A has "operated" for clients. ILLUSTRATIONS
green screen video
video production GREEN SCREEN - Our studios offer the opportunity for innovation and creative video or photographic work. We're ready with everything to complete your project.
  high speed video from PSAV video production HIGH SPEED / SLOW MOTION - Using special cameras capable of 1,400,000 frames per second, PS/A has created interesting marketing materials for our clients.
studio video production
video production STUDIOS - When special locations are required, our studios are there. With lighting, cameras, prompters, a jib, and with both VIVX fiber and internet broadcasting.
  illustrations PSAVideo ILLUSTRATIONS - For special mechanical views, medical or cartoon, PS/A has created various "drawings" over the years. See our Whiteboard animations.
live events PSAVideo
video for live events LIVE EVENT SUPPORT - From the first Fiesta Bowl, to producing concerts, PS/A brings the staging, IMAG, audio, lighting and expertise. Visit MEETING SUPPORT
  mobile apps websites MOBILE APPS - More people are using their phones rather than a computer. It makes sense to develop a platform that makes it easy to communicate and sell to them.
whiteboard animation PSAVideo
WHITEBOARD ANIMATION - Latest creative tool drawing attention and carrying a message. Our process combines 2D & 3D and video materials in your project.
  Special Video Services SPECIAL PROJECT SERVICES - A project might require something special like a jib or Stedicam, lighting, trailer/coach or an aerial view.
offset silkscreen Printing
PRINTING - Once material is designed, then quality printing is required. We've printed for major healthcare, foreign clients and even groups from the UN.
  Mailing Services PSAVideo MAILING SERVICES - Fulfillment and printing are important parts of marketing. We've handled it for clients ranging from Italy to the United Nations.
high tech video production
high tech video HIGH TECH VIDEOS - Special projects require a special understanding... for a nuclear plant, microchip mfg, medical lab or surgery suite.
  SEO services

SEO / SEM - SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are essential on today's www. Are you using them?

marketing adveritsing promotion MARKETING - Unlike most video companies, PS/A has a background handling million dollar accounts. Use our agency experience in this area to enhance your message.   technical drawings TECHNICAL DRAWINGS - Part of our graphic services are accurate, professional technical and mechanical drawings for industries. Combined with marketing it's a great service.
duplication replication
DUPLICATION - As we have for the Phoenix Suns, the MGM Grand Hotel or clients from Italy and Korea, CD/DVD duplication is complete with package design and mailings.
  translations TRANSLATIONS - Global businesses demand accurate communication in video and print. We use only real, experienced people to translate your message.
digital photography
PHOTOGRAPHY - From artwork for Sotherby's to bottled water and corporate events, digital photography is part of our service to clients. Drone Photography services.
  Production Help Documents HELP FILES - Here you will find PDF white papers to help you with your project, and other helpful links. Visit here for any questions, or help you might need.

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Ron Boat Producer
RON BOAT, EXEC. PRODUCER - Ron's vision was to create a small, highly dedicated team of professionals serving a limited number of high profile clients.
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ABOUT US - From our days with the first Fiesta Bowl in 1971, through productions of Andy Kaufman to our latest video or animation productions... a great 4 decades of service.
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