Green Screen & 3D Animation                     

It was our pleasure to serve the Stilo Development USA group from Italy to promote their very exciting project to a special audience in North America. This serves as a perfect example of our "Total Services" as PS/A was involved in writing the script, selecting and shooting talent in our green screen studio, developing the graphics, 2D and 3D animation elements and final audio, video editing and authoring.

Can you imagine a client trying to find a production company, an animator, a graphic designer, a printer, a replication source, a mail house and do it all while saving money and meeting a short time frame? We take all the hassle out of production so a client can relax and let it happen. As our client told us:

It is amazing and in some ways I hate to see it nearing completion.  What I mean is that as excited as I am to see the finished product, it has been such a pleasure to work with you and your team and see how this evolves that I will miss witnessing the daily progress.

3D animation stills from this project are HERE.

The final product was distributed on DVD with a specially designed presentation folder also designed and printed by PS/A.



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