The PS/A Technology Group has a solution for your webcasting/broadcasting needs, whether promoting to the public, training staff or communicating with employees or sales forces. With the wide variety of technology we can now deliver your scheduled program or material on demand.

Since 1971, Production Services/AZ has been providing video and other services to businesses large and small. PS/A has expanded into the information delivery arena. Contact us at (855) PSA-Video with your questions.

New formats of Smartphones present challenges when delivering content, but PS/A is able to delivery streaming or on demand content to the widest variety of devices. Whether an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, virtually all manufacturers and models.

With our capabilities, we're able to deliver content from one of our partner satellite trucks, storage servers or other sources and we can do it for 25 - 65% less than many previous available resources.

For your facilities, PS/A will arrange for streaming
your custom content to existing intranets and
networks or we're able to install complete systems
throughout your offices, warehouses, training facilities,
medical clinics and hospitals.

Special interfaces can be created to allow for the
selection locally of content or programming can
be set up per your custom timetable or
training schedule.

With more and more varieties of Smartphones hitting
the market , it can be hard to keep up with all the platforms
but with PS/A's experienced engineers, up to date codecs
software and technology, we can get your message out
across town or around the world to just about any
device you have in your company.

With rapidly changing formats of the portable
notebook arena, we're able to feed video
and other content to your new iPads, iPhones,
Blackberry, Android, Lenova or other devices
without any special programming.


Send your training materials, live event, corporate
message, updated sales and promotional aids
to your employees or customers anywhere
in the world on their laptop or iPad.




In providing broadcasting services we include the following
Location Webcasts
Studio Webcasts
live Broadcasts
Recording Services
Audio / Lighting
Full Graphics Support
Animation Services
VYVX, Microwave, Satellite Services
Remote Tie-Ins
Large & Small Green Screen Studios