Whether we put your program out on the wire, through a microwave or satellite truck, the produciton needs to be top notch. PS/A only uses broacast quality HD equipment with experienced personnel.

The material can be live video, graphics, animation, or any materialsplanned for. This slide presentation will show the attributes of using HD production and content to deliver your messages to your employees, customers, or the public at large. You can play through this show at your own pace by clicking the double (>>) arrows. (Flash presentations are best viewed with Internet Explorer) - Want to know how the internet works? CLICK HERE.


Our Facilities offer green screen and other production capabilities, for Vyvx or microwave
transmissions for general production to be streamed or on demand of your material to anywhere.

High Tech Webcasts PSAVideo.com  High Tech Webcasts PSAVideo.com
High Tech Webcasts PSAVideo.com  High Tech Webcasts PSAVideo.com



In providing broadcasting services we include the following
Location Webcasts
Studio Webcasts
live Broadcasts
Recording Services
Audio / Lighting
Full Graphics Support
Animation Services
VYVX, Microwave, Satellite Services
Remote Tie-Ins
Large & Small Green Screen Studios