Every project is different. Every client's need is unique. PS/A's nearly 45 year history and many working relationships allow for use of a variety of facilities around the country. Our production activities are not limited to one city, or one studio, as our diversity of clients demand and expect a variety of capabilities.

Every project requires different size facilities, cameras, audio, lighting and other elements. Contact your producer/director Ron Boat for questions or specific needs. In keeping with our philosophy of quality, we use only broadcast quality equipment in our work.

This is our North Phoenix Facility which allows for two different green screen studios, larger sets, Vyvx fiber broadcasts, or even pulling in a production truck for remote projects. We strive to work with only the best equipment and crews to provide the quality and reliability our many national and international clients expect.


Master director area for directing and for our clients.

Full control over camera shots, special effects,
all source materials, titling and lighting.

The director's area is located on the second floor
to allow better overall view of the entire studio
area, camera placements and crew.

We're able to feed the web directly from here or
send your program to our San Jose facility for
live or preprogrammed streaming over your own
custom designed facility network.

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This facility contains two green screen studios.

This is the larger one allowing for larger sets, bigger
groups and more virtual reality options. Our smaller
one is great for one to four people on camera.

Various lighting and audio options are available
and are totally controllable.

High Tech Webcasts

Full audio control is available through the audio booth.

All phone lines come through here for audio patches
around the country, and remote control over audio
links and other audio source materials.

High Tech Webcasts

Master control is where all record tape machines,
playback machines, remote feeds, and the
CCUs for camera shading are located.

This serves as the feed for outgoing sources
for Vyvx and other remote feeds and acts as
the receiving point through the microwave
system for remote trucks and other sources
and locations. Versatility is important when
serving the vast variety of clients PS/A does.

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In keeping with our desire for quality, only broadcast
quality cameras and supplemental equipment and
facility amenities are used for our productions.

We provide green room, make up and
dressing room facilities for all clients.

A compliment of casual or full service food
service is available depending on the project
and need. Our make up artist and other
auxiliary personnel are available.


High Tech Webcasts



In providing broadcasting services we include the following
Location Webcasts
Studio Webcasts
live Broadcasts
Recording Services
Audio / Lighting
Full Graphics Support
Animation Services
VYVX, Microwave, Satellite Services
Remote Tie-Ins
Large & Small Green Screen Studios