Since every project is different and every client's need is unique, PS/A has many working relationships allowing a variety of facilities around the country. Our production activities are not limited to one city, or one studio, as our diversity of clients demand and expect a variety of capabilities.

We have a
smaller studio in mid-town for webcasts of individuals and small groups. This flexibility with a smaller facility along with our larger studio allows us to match the client's need and budget to the right facility.



Our green screen area is smaller than our
North Phoenix facility but allows for quick
set up, and insert shots and at a lower
budget allotment.

We can supplement with any variety of lighting,
teleprompter, cameras and crew.


Green Screen High Tech Webcasts

This is a close up of our North Phoenix
staging for speaker/audience set ups or
for staging a musical event.

A full compliment of trusses for lighting effects
the hanging of sound and video monitors is
available in this staging facility.


High Tech Webcasts

This is a wider view of our stage area showing
room for small to medium audience, more
crew and camera placements, spotlights
or other required production equipment or people.

Camera material from the other side of the
facility could be inserted live into monitors
or green screens on this set.

High Tech Webcasts

A variety of lighting, backdrop and supplemental
monitors and other elements are easily added
into a facility with enough room to handle them
and to change the overall look of the set .

We have a full compliment of teleprompters, a
wide variety of monitors, IFB systems, and other
support systems and equipment for your project



Our smaller studio is perfect for that corporate spokesman, or 3 or 4 presenters giving information over the web.

As seen in the last image, we're able to place graphics, live video or recorded materials anywhere in the presentation for maximum effect.

Matching a client's need and budget t the right facility is very important to us and the success of your project.




In providing broadcasting services we include the following
Location Webcasts
Studio Webcasts
live Broadcasts
Recording Services
Audio / Lighting
Full Graphics Support
Animation Services
VYVX, Microwave, Satellite Services
Remote Tie-Ins
Large & Small Green Screen Studios