Our Gallery - A Look Back at Production Services/AZ


When you head out, you never know where you’ll wind up when starting your business. You hope, you pray, you plan as best you can and then every day is a learning experience with some great people. We’ve worked with some of the best across this country. They made serving our clients fun, interesting and even adventurous. They worked hard, gave of themselves, contributed their creativity with care and concern for the client. We thank them all here.

Our Gallery  

Over the course of 50 years of production work, we’ve been in many locations, many situations with many great clients and team members. We thank our clients and our associates for the chance to work and commiserate. Below are some highlights from Connecticut, Minnesota, Baltimore, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California. We’ve enjoyed our times with professionals like Jerry Colangelo, Naomi Judd, Carnie Wilson, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf and Tom Purtzer, and clients from all over the world. From one of our first concert productions with Andy Kaufman, through golf courses, surgery suites, construction sites, live events and beyond, we’ve enjoyed the ride. 


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