PS/A Legal & Privacy Policies


The information below is for general information only and serves to inform clients of certain information and rights related to this site, and production activities as outlined in PSAVideo’s more specific “Production Services Agreement” and is subject to change under current laws. In the absence of a formal “Agreement,” current AZ state laws and policies as stated on our site shall apply. Our goal is to have a mutually beneficial, harmonious relationship with our clients in order to have clear understanding and the most favorable creative environment.



Our Website:

All material on this site is the property of Group AMC Inc, d/b/a Production Services/AZ, also referred to as PS/AVideo or PS/A, and/or its various associates, or as noted. All videos, images, drawings, photographs, and written copy are shown for the purposes of information viewing only and permission is not granted to download, save, copy, or transfer any of the same to any viewer except with written permission from PS/A. Use of any materials on this site for any purpose is a violation of U.S. Copyright Law. All other company logos and materials are the property of their respective companies.

Where shown or listed, corporate names and logos are the property of their respective companies and are listed for the purpose of information only and while all companies listed are or have been clients of PS/A, their company names or logos in themselves are not meant to be an endorsement of PSAVideo or its team members unless listed as such in our client feedback section.


When providing services to a client, PSAVideo will first provide an initial quote for services for the marketing/consulting/ production project. A “Production Services Agreement” may then be drafted outlining the specific requirements for the project listing activities, fees, and additional information as required by the client. PS/A does not create a “Work for Hire” contract with its clients, but instead for contracted services unless previously discussed and agreed to in writing. Any final budget for projects will be confirmed as elements in the initial “Agreement” may change as the project proceeds. NOTE:  Any discounts given on projects are as indicated and are only for accounts in good standing. These discounts may be rescinded at any time should collection actions be necessary on any account and will be added back to the original invoice and become immediately due and payable.

PS/A is not a storage facility. Any video, graphic, animation, or printed materials stored with PS/A past final payment are the responsibility of the client and PS/A assumes no responsibility for the safekeeping of any materials unless prior arrangements for secure storage have been made. This also applies to the shipping of materials to a client after a project is completed. Insurance for shipping is the responsibility of the client and may be charged accordingly if so requested.

Copyrights / Intellectual Property

PSAVideo does/may use proprietary and third-party software and materials in the creation of its graphic design, animation, webcast, and video projects. Clients will be granted all rights to “Use” the finished production for the purposes intended under PSAVideo’s “Production Services Agreement”. Under standard current U.S. Copyright Laws, all rights to materials created and/or used in the creation of the final “project”, e.g. photographs, drawings, illustrations, audio and video materials, multimedia, and software programs, whether created, purchased for reuse, borrowed, licensed or otherwise obtained by Production Services/AZ in the development of the “Project”, shall remain with PSAVideo, or the original developer/owner unless previous arrangements have been made and paid for.

Production materials purchased or licensed are for one-time use in one project and may require relicensing for other projects. NOTE: Rights to use final productions or individual materials created for a client remain the property of PSAVideo (Group AMC, Inc. d/b/a Production Services/AZ) until such time as final payment in full for all related invoices has been received and accepted. All interim materials produced submitted on projects shall be considered property of, and copyrighted, by PS/A even if no copyright notice is labeled on the products. Legal ownership and rights of use of all materials remain the property of PS/A until final payment in full has been received, applied, and confirmed.

Video, animation, photographic or graphic projects created for use on the web or other distribution is covered under the “Production Services Agreement.”  “Broadcasting” of the material on broadcast, cable networks, or other media including the web may require additional fees for licensing of talent, music, graphics, or other elements originally created/used for non-broadcast purposes.

PSAVideo takes very seriously the use and misuse of copyrighted materials and takes steps to protect its vendors, creative team members, and its clients from such abuse. PSAVideo ensures that all rights to use such materials in the creation of a project for a client are licensed to PSAVideo, and PSAvideo does not use unlicensed music, photographs, or other materials. PSAvideo also takes steps to verify that all fees and licenses associated with the duplication of VHS tapes, CDs, or DVDs are paid by our replication partners.

Terms / Payments

Invoices are due upon receipt and past due after 7 days. A service charge of 1 1/2% per month may be added to outstanding past due invoice amounts. NOTE: Any and all attorney fees, collection and court costs, fees and interest (service charge) will be added to current balances should collection actions be required. Any and all attorney fees, collection and court costs, fees and interest (service charge) will be added to current balances should collection actions be required. Should collection action be required, collection costs and fees could exceed 30% of the total current balance due and will be added to final invoices. During any collection process, interest charges will continue to accrue. See our full credit terms and policies below.

We strive to use quality materials in our productions but are not responsible for materials provided by the client, or obtained by PS/A and approved by the client. We work hard to meet the client’s needs and wishes as expressed through discussions and, when specifically requested or required, signed approvals. The client should know their needs and goals for their project and are deemed as approved for their project’s final product when we start work. In any project, PS/A assumes no responsibility for the suitability of the final project, and our financial liability for the final product will not exceed the gross billing on any specific project or segment of a multi-part project..

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and we’ll be happy to assist in understanding our policies. We strive to protect ourselves, our team members, and our clients.


Client Privacy

Email / Contact Information

Your personal and company contact information is important to us. Any email addresses received through our site or in the course of business will not be loaned, sold, or leased to any third party for any purpose. We may use those emails for the purpose of communicating with you and for the sending of our occasional newsletter unless you opt-out. Information obtained through Google ratings or our online survey form will be retained by PS/A and comments may be used in our own marketing. No information related to the client such as email, phone, or address will be disseminated by PS/A. We will always honor your trust and privacy.


Terms / Credit / Payments


We are proud of our credit rating with our vendors and in order to secure that special favor when it’s needed or the best pricing for your project, we pay our bills quickly. Since we’re not a bank, we ask that you honor our terms in order to meet our company obligations.

INVOICES are due upon receipt by the client and PAST DUE after 7 days.
A service charge of 1 1/2% per month may be added to outstanding past due invoice amounts.
Legal ownership of all materials remains the property of PS/A until payment in full has been received and credited to an account.
Any and all attorney fees, collection and court costs, fees and interest (service charge) will be added to current balances should collection be required. NOTE: Should collection be required, collection costs and fees could exceed 30% of the total current balance due and will be added to final invoices. During any collection process, interest charges will continue to accrue.


Many projects require a longer work time period and use of outside resources. With this thought in mind, we developed these policies as a standard for doing business for us and for our valued clients.

Each project may require a deposit. We start spending money as a new project is initiated with things like graphics, design time, staff time, materials, reserving of special equipment, personnel or locations. This deposit is in the range of 50% depending on the project, a client’s payment history, certain special requirements etc. NOTE: If a deposit is required, no work will begin until the deposit is received. A regular invoice for the deposit will be generated and credited as such on the final billing.

Projects for new or out of town clients may required full payment in advance for the production or event. This is especially true when we are crewing a project for a client no matter where the event is located. This makes it easier for the client as they know that everything is taken care of and paid for and there’s no need to worry after an event when packing, traveling or moving on to the next project. 

Many times during a project, special elements are required or added. These may include video/audio/talent requirements, special equipment, animation or custom music elements etc. In this case, an interim payment may be required as we may pay these expenses long before the end of your production. these will be invoiced separately and when needed regardless of their inclusion in the original Agreement or if they were just added.

Once a project is done and final approval has been given by the client, we create a final invoice. This invoice may be due upon delivery of the final product or billed for payment – depending on the project and the client. Invoices are DUE UPON RECEIPT and PAST DUE AFTER 7 DAYS. PS/A maintains a superior payment record with our vendors and team members. This is important to obtain special support and considerations on your project. To do this we pay our people immediately upon completion of a project. PS/A is not a bank and as such does not carry open accounts. If a project is long term, or other special arrangements have been made “in advance,” payment terms may be available at our then current service charge. Terms are listed on each invoice or invoice email. NOTE: Any discounts given on projects are only for accounts in good standing. Discounts may be rescinded at any time at the sole discretion of PS/A should collection actions be necessary, and will be added back to the original invoice becoming due and payable. PS/A at no time waives its right to charge interest on past due accounts from the original invoice date plus any and all collection expenses.


Payments are accepted through two methods. 1) Corporate or personal check or 2) Direct Bank Transfer. The second is popular with larger clients or those located out of the country. In order to save the majority of our clients money who pay through these methods, we do not increase pricing on all projects to accommodate occasional credit card payments. We accept cards through PayPal and a 3% fee is added to the total to offset the fee charged by them.  We will issue a Paypal invoice that may be separate but include the same understanding as our Agreement and regular invoices.This is noted on original budgets.

All materials created remain the property of PS/A until such time all open invoices have been paid, and funds acceptable, applied and confirmed. At that time, an unlimited license to use the project, as created and outlined in the “Production Services Agreement” is passed on to the client unless in the case of certain projects, talent or other licensing limits as they apply. Clearances must be obtained for all copyrighted materials that were originally produced for non-broadcast uses but later used in broadcast situations. PS/A will obtain or verify these permissions.